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Definition of grill:

  1. A figure of crossed bars with interstices, such as those sometimes impressed upon postage stamps.
  2. A gridiron.
  3. A grillroom.
  4. That which is broiled on a gridiron, as meat, fish, etc.
  5. To broil on a grill or gridiron.
  6. To stamp or mark with a grill.
  7. To torment, as if by broiling.
  8. To undergo the process of being grilled, or broiled; to broil.


griddle, radiator grille, baste, canteen, diner, grillroom, coffee maker, probe, lattice, beanery, café, beater, put someone on the spot, bistro, interview, demand, put to, question, coffee machine, eatery, grille, boil down, cabaret, bar, grillwork, barbie, investigate, pick someone's brains, blender, Chinese, colander, grid, brown, carryout, ask, restaurant, burner, wicket, interrogate, brasserie, charbroil, rack, caff, buffet, give someone the third degree, inquire, cross-examine, wirework, cafeteria.

Usage examples: