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Definition of grim:

  1. Of forbidding or fear- inspiring aspect; fierce; stern; surly; cruel; frightful; horrible.


depressing, macabre, inconsolable, ghastly, grimy, charnel, disgusted, gloomy, stubborn, fatal, minacious, disturbed, threatening, regretful, down in the mouth, disastrous, blackened, lurid, bad, dismal, opprobrious, distressing, fed up, sickish, drab, glooming, ignominious, nauseous, profane, horrid, brutal, puritanic, attitude, lamentable, horrible, sepulchral, saturnine, low-spirited, obscure, benighted, juicy, brassbound, no-count, sorry, drear, sick, crazy, good-for-naught, grisly, downcast, blasphemous, dark, deplorable, patrician, disconsolate, unhinged, pertinacious, corrosive, inexorable, stern, forbidding, no-account, nauseated, queasy, ominous, erosive, good-for-nothing, blueish, muddy, baleful, relentless, pitiful, naughty, die-hard, adamant, grungy, pale, coloured, beautiful, sombre, uncheerful, tenacious, mad, bluish, no-good, raunchy, adamantine, unconsolable, implacable, dim, unpleasant, unrelenting, cheerless, dispiriting, racy, menacing, black, persistent, dark-skinned, incompliant, hot, hopeless, sinister, remorseless, dingy, non-white, aristocratical, gamey, hard, down, spicy, black-market, vitriolic, mordant, begrimed, unbendable, unforgiving, gentle, minatory, dour, hideous, risque, unappeasable, inglorious, wicked, unbalanced, smuggled, uncompliant, fateful, dogged, shameful, pitch-black, unyielding, wan, calamitous, resist, smutty, pitch-dark, bootleg, gruesome, ill, dirty, sarcastic, pallid, sick of, olive-drab, iron, muddied, tired of, aristocratic, blue-blooded, intransigent, demented, blue, low, meritless, gamy, alarming, gloomful, grubby, disgraceful, contraband, brainsick.

Usage examples: