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Definition of grouch:

Synonyms for grouch:

fuss, tyke, bear, grievance, grinch, bawl out, croaker, critic, purist, whinge, whimper, grouser, grouse, gripe, rumble, growler, complainer, bellyacher, deoxyephedrine, grumbler, rant, wet blanket, methamphetamine hydrochloride, jaw, berate, grouser, crosspatch, reprimand, peasant, mutterer, skinflint, wail, crab, grumbler, faultfinder, lecture, croak, sourpuss, scold, screwball, rag, have words, sorehead, kick up a fuss/stink/argument, yammer, miserere, raise the roof, trounce, happy, scrooge, niggard, remonstrate, growl, diva, chide, holler, tike, grump, reproof, whine, boor, rebuke, shrew, kicker, carp, scourge, take something further, chicken feed, shabu, lambaste, growler, dress down, hothead, sourpuss, barbarian, chew up, crab, chalk, bleat, plaint, chew out, take to task, gnarl, lodge, griper, fusser, whiner, malcontent, kvetch, crank, remonstrance, stickler, sorehead, nut, bellyacher, call on the carpet, murmur, lambast, squawk, meth, moan, griper, perfectionist, fruitcake, trash, mutter, beef, glass, methamphetamine, bitch, grumble, nut case, starter, call down, crackpot, ice, churl, curmudgeon, murmurer, complaint.

Usage examples: