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Definition of groundwork:

  1. That which forms the foundation or support of anything; the basis; the essential or fundamental part; first principle.


bottom, home, instauration, underpinning, ass, rear, fanny, can, foundation, base of operations, al-Qa'ida, butt, theme, root word, hind end, tush, tooshie, al-Qaida, footing, posterior, initiation, seat, buns, cornerstone, innovation, rear end, creation, human foot, introduction, behind, keister, pedestal, institution, origination, stand, rump, prat, alkali, radix, al-Qaeda, ground, substratum, infrastructure, tail end, substructure, grounding, pes, founding, nates, tail, understructure, study at base, arse, stem, buttocks, bag, hindquarters, base, floor, basis, foot, nucleotide, ft, fundament, root, invertebrate foot, preparation, metrical foot, bed, bum, infantry, over, animal foot, foundation garment, derriere, stern, backside, preliminaries, metrical unit, radical.

Usage examples: