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Definition of grow:

  1. To become attached of fixed; to adhere.
  2. To cause to grow; to cultivate; to produce; as, to grow a crop; to grow wheat, hops, or tobacco.
  3. To increase in any way; to become larger and stronger; to be augmented; to advance; to extend; to wax; to accrue.
  4. To increase in size by a natural and organic process; to increase in bulk by the gradual assimilation of new matter into the living organism; - said of animals and vegetables and their organs.
  5. To pass from one state to another; to result as an effect from a cause; to become; as, to grow pale.
  6. To spring up and come to matturity in a natural way; to be produced by vegetation; to thrive; to flourish; as, rice grows in warm countries.


maturate, abound, bristle, win, dress, broking, kindle, come off, harm, come, appear, bring up, outgrow, explicate, recruit, convey, work up, rise, capacity, branch out, jump, work, ferment, call down, formulate, feed, experience, work out, start out, wrick, plow, lift, mother, get on, climb up, create, get, elongate, gain, aim, enkindle, enhance, invoke, call forth, gravel, look, perplex, develop, provoke, fade, larn, mature, twist, beauty parade, go, adopt, suppurate, turn, choke, run, uprise, shape up, induce, bring out, farm, set up, aggrandize, mystify, bear, bring, beget, blossom, telescope, change state, change by reversal, fetch, move around, age, truncate, obtain, stick, mellow, upraise, initiate, pay off, come up, nonplus, get under one's skin, proliferate, better, bed out, prosper, flex, cell, progress, drill, elicit, bonsai, shoot up, nurture, cut, cell wall, prepare, run up, make grow, sprain, shift, germinate, beef up, rise up, continue, assume, cytology, turn over, resurrect, come over, cause, father, dumbfound, prove, release, arrive, business, give rise, shorten, sprout, double, call on, ease off, deadhead, cell membrane, change, suffer, put forward, fix, set about, take on, supersize, wax, stir, cross-fertilize, turn out, foster, breed, raise, shrink, mount, rear, acquire, rick, build, senesce, amaze, baffle, arise, get down, sire, arouse, function, step up, commence, impede, luxuriate, plant, wrench, add to, find, feel, tend, alter, set out, parent, conjure, promote, aerate, receive, bend, pose, bring forth, plough, evolve, educate, wax and wane, pass, stupefy, pick up, grow up, sustain, erect, buzz off, account, put up, produce, reproduction, cellular, begin, chloroplast, crop, nurse, fill out, spring up, sharpen, train, bear fruit, fester, pullulate, take, bring on, flourish, cross-pollinate, compost, contract, let, book, -celled, culture medium, catch up, build up, catch, break, rebel, engender, stand up, bud, arrest, snowball, sour, modernise, stimulate, accumulate, make, die back, modernize, ripen, escalate, cultivate, incur, puzzle, propagate, open out, surface, come a long way, abbreviate, take off, form, conjure up, bring about, business plan, be, ascend, start up, brokerage, come out, originate, turn into, pay back, upsurge, become, look up, flow, bewilder, fire, go through the roof, bugger off, have, lessen, flummox, vex, levy, improve, move up, change for the better/worse, learn, leaven, capture, flower, kick upstairs, climb, care for, reverse, regress, thrive, beat, deform, recrudesce, evoke, draw, cannibalize, soar, culture, bloom, get up, scram, start, recover, youth, generate, go up, drive, asset, bob up.

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