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Definition of growl:

  1. The deep, threatening sound made by a surly dog; a grumbling sound.
  2. To express by growling.
  3. To utter a deep guttural sound, sa an angry dog; to give forth an angry, grumbling sound.


nag, fuss, sounds, lumber, bite someone's head off, pitch, raise your voice, rage, bellyache, rumble, hum, carp, yowl, gripe, scold, repine, grouch, grouse, maunder, gurgle, gnarl, yammer, whimper, yawp, gore, mumble, cast, wail, crab, find fault, beef, lash out, caterwaul, grizzle, inveigh, putter, beach, claw, tear into, fizz, croak, abuse, noise, thunder, kick, frisk, clunk, mutter, roll, bristle, babble, thud, bite, murmur, complain, boom, grump, whine, keen, let fly, jump down someone's throat, growling, grumble, remonstrate, whinge, drone, bitch, buck, burrow, tell off, kvetch.

Usage examples: