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Definition of grown:

  1. of Grow
  2. p. p. of Grow.


bragging, magnanimous, braggy, bighearted, prominent, vainglorious, bad, leafy, great, self-aggrandising, full-blown, verdant, braggart, large, freehanded, grown up, full-grown, immature, luxuriant, full-fledged, infantile, growth, giving, big, heavy, with child, fully grown, openhanded, self-aggrandizing, overgrown, gravid, bounteous, enceinte, grownup, mature, youth, fully-fledged, ripe, cock-a-hoop, bountiful, expectant, crowing, boastful, of age, grown-up, pornographic, liberal, green, handsome, adult.

Usage examples: