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Definition of guide:

  1. A blade or channel for directing the flow of water to the wheel buckets.
  2. A grooved director for a probe or knife.
  3. A noncommissioned officer or soldier placed on the directiug flank of each subdivision of a column of troops, or at the end of a line, to mark the pivots, formations, marches, and alignments in tactics.
  4. A person who leads or directs another in his way or course, as in a strange land; one who exhibits points of interest to strangers; a conductor; also, that which guides; a guidebook.
  5. A strip or device to direct the compositor's eye to the line of copy he is setting.
  6. Any contrivance, especially one having a directing edge, surface, or channel, for giving direction to the motion of anything, as water, an instrument, or part of a machine, or for directing the hand or eye, as of an operator
  7. One who, or that which, directs another in his conduct or course of lifo; a director; a regulator.
  8. The leather strap by which the shield of a knight was slung across the shoulder, or across the neck and shoulder.
  9. To lead or direct in a way; to conduct in a course or path; to pilot; as, to guide a traveler.
  10. To regulate and manage; to direct; to order; to superintend the training or education of; to instruct and influence intellectually or morally; to train.


scout, carry on, exit, place, sentinel, break away, cast, choose, get, waver, play, carry, puff, shunt, travel by, command, supervise, head, budge, claim, address, acquire, pass away, pass on, communicate, buy the farm, bespeak, bear, chair, quality assurance, example, charge, steer, bestseller, consort, pull, modernist, impart, roll, fill, help out, admit, converter, engage, fall out, target, feed, moderate, legislate, expire, doorkeeper, filter, luff, prevail, hand, unravel, surpass, bunk, cash in one's chips, attendant, go past, overtake, extend, manoeuvre, drag, take out, disembowel, sentry, choke, watch, blow over, baseline, annual, go along, fly the coop, run for, suck, ply, assume, reflect, result, attraction, decease, incline, catch, have, calculator, propel, benefit, scarper, Dutch uncle, urge, lead, watch over, take in, organize, make, pull out, lease, convertor, consider, shepherd, autobiography, gondolier, overhaul, ladder, take up, control, elapse, tend, escape, force, ecotourism, clear, calculate, go, thread, campaign, almanac, select, require, line, flood, use up, careline, engineer, fall, shoot, blook, enjoin someone to do something, string, melt, draw, orchestrate, leader, pattern, take place, conk, course, send, devolve, make pass, council, slip away, turn tail, delineate, bathe, vanguard, pick out, standard, director, pass off, suck up, biography, acquit, operate, sop up, fade, heritage center, absorb, elder, quarter, deport, kick the bucket, work, depict, manoeuver, remove, rent, repoint, design, run, companion, postulate, eliminate, trace, spend, guidebook, guide on, spotter, be given, read, back seat driver, go through, learn, convoy, authorise, reap, lapse, usher, route, withdraw, consume, beauty spot, charter, come about, snuff it, track down, get hold of, aim, black market, take to the woods, range, hightail it, strike, transport, transfer, contract, pop off, die, maneuver, film, imbibe, conductor, contain, egest, behave, preach, pass, conduct, precede, show, hunt, compressor, come, quality, slide by, convey, get behind, help, explorer, glide by, transcend, point, picket, lam, take away, par, exact, templet, walk, run away, subscribe, bible, hunt down, balance, charger, superintendent, sharpen, top, fleet, draw and quarter, boiler, pull back, agritourism, take on, take aim, make it, give someone a steer, agitator, jockey, tie, anthology, look after, return, demand, pathfinder, reach, level, would, necessitate, exceed, pass by, hold, template, take, slip by, eviscerate, manage, comport, go on, career coach, manhandle, contribute, need, haul off, study, taper, call for, atlas, adopt, support, pack, persist, escort, pass along, model, bring, talent scout, occupy, excrete, rating, channelise, soak up, drive, attract, give, mastermind, nurse, high season, organise, deal, draw off, authority, go across, hire, get out, focus, get through, occur, submit, move, govern, lookout, head for the hills, leave, turn over, croak, orient, function, direct, guard, describe, look at, accept, captain, channelize, melt down, assist, endure, overstep, lean, deliver, pull in, adviser, scat, ask, go by, channel, courier, blower, subscribe to, evanesce, execute, gauge, happen, perish, ingest, race, criterion, consultant, carriage, give-up the ghost, put across, involve, lookout man, transmit, die hard, authorize, bleed, sink, conduce, advance, draw in, head up, flow, bend, pioneer, hap, drop dead.

Usage examples:

  • " That's it," says the guide.

    - "The Two Destinies", Wilkie Collins.
  • Where's the Malay guide?

    - "Middy and Ensign", G. Manville Fenn.
  • " That's what it won't," said the guide quietly.

    - "The Go Ahead Boys and Simon's Mine", Ross Kay.