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Definition of gulf:

  1. A hollow place in the earth; an abyss; a deep chasm or basin,
  2. A large deposit of ore in a lode.
  3. A portion of an ocean or sea extending into the land; a partially land- locked sea; as, the of Mexico.
  4. That which swallows irretrievably; a whirlpool; a sucking eddy.
  5. That which swallows; the gullet.


gill, interstice, vortex, disconnection, variety, crater, blowhole, a world of difference, rent, couloir, opening, disjuncture, high, disconnect, maelstrom, arm, aperture, chink, deep, separation, pass, contrast, bight, fjord, hiatus, linn, hole, the depths, collision, embayment, the Bermuda Triangle, disjunction, abysm, gorge, interregnum, distance, expanse, defile, disconnectedness, discontinuity, fishery, depth, contradiction, cavity, divergence, creek, diversity, variation, the English Channel, cranny, kloof, gulch, channel, void, the Channel, col, distinction, flume, difference, saddle, loch, archipelago, firth.

Usage examples: