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Definition of gumption:

  1. Capacity; shrewdness; common sense.
  2. Megilp.
  3. The art of preparing colors.


lynchpin, discretion, daring, punch, sensation, good sense, moxie, get-up-and-go, drive, spinal column, try, acumen, ability, levelheadedness, discreetness, gritstone, sand, heroics, sensibleness, sentience, nobility, prudence, signified, sentiency, judgment, sense, grit, bravado, horse sense, enterprise, guts, gritrock, initiative, nerve, hustle, bravery, sensory faculty, courage, nous, push, policy, action, wit, linchpin, common sense, mother wit, anchor, gallantry, rachis, wisdom, vertebral column, industry, spine, keystone, heroism, sagacity, backbone, tired, mainstay, initiative, back, pluck.

Usage examples: