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Definition of hale:

  1. Sound; entire; healthy; robust; not impaired; as, a hale body.
  2. To pull; to drag; to haul.
  3. Welfare.


impel, ram, squelch, drag out, wedge, unanimous, get behind, healthful, embrace, press, drag on, twitch, constrict, force, compact, sweep, right, push, pinch, draw, hug, sanitary, health, mash, wring, tangle, george ellery hale, hang back, healthy, blackmail, scuff, stuff, fit as a fiddle, extort, thrust, solid, tweet, whole, pressure, squash, drag, crush, twinge, embroil, shove, rack, bosom, cart, compress, normal, trail, unscathed, sweep up, fine, drop behind, dredge, drive, bouncing, storm, salutary, pull, haul, strong, drag in, edward everett hale, sound, well-conditioned, able-bodied, hale and hearty, well, in fine fettle, blackjack, contract, hearty, drop back, unhurt, gouge, unharmed, coerce, Nathan Hale, squeeze, hygienic, puff.

Usage examples: