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Definition of hamper:

  1. A large basket, usually with a cover, used for the packing and carrying of articles; as, a hamper of wine; a clothes hamper; an oyster hamper, which contains two bushels.
  2. A shackle; a fetter; anything which impedes.
  3. Articles ordinarily indispensable, but in the way at certain times.
  4. To put a hamper or fetter on; to shackle; to insnare; to inveigle; hence, to impede in motion or progress; to embarrass; to encumber.
  5. To put in a hamper.


free, invalid, bail, hinder, bond, cramp, strangulate, bail bond, bond certificate, help, stymy, laundry box, muffle, balk, pannier, manacle, blockade, hog-tie, tie, strangle, prevent, shackle, attachment, handcuff, chemical bond, bond paper, foil, chain, stymie, alliance, suffocate, trammel, trammels, handicap, halter, repress, smother, retard, adherence, gag, adhesion, counteract, trammel net, leash, adhesiveness, embarrass.

Usage examples: