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Definition of handy:

  1. Easily managed; obedient to the helm; - said of a vessel.
  2. Performed by the hand.
  3. Ready to the hand; near; also, suited to the use of the hand; convenient; valuable for reference or use; as, my tools are handy; a handy volume.
  4. Skillful in using the hand; dexterous; ready; adroit.


alongside, reachable, ready to hand, attached, w. c. handy, worthwhile, operative, practised, used, valuable, William Christopher Handy, gainful, near, ability, united, skilful, good, nearby, profitable, happy, fit, aid, beside, transliterate, have a use, close, next to, trained, experienced, adroit, accessible, be of service, slick, high-powered, gifted, ingenious, next door, help, convenient.

Usage examples: