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Definition of hangdog:

  1. A base, degraded person; a sneak; a gallows bird.
  2. Low; sneaking; ashamed.


forlorn, depressed, glum, shamefaced, heartsore, crestfallen, sorrowful, unhappy, disconsolate, blue, browbeaten, subdued, sad, inconsolable, sheepish, bad, miserable, dishonored, droopy, low-spirited, melancholic, low, wistful, dejected, saddened, down, joyless, sorry, downcast, heartsick, heavyhearted, woeful, melancholy, heartbroken, downhearted, shamed, discredited, mournful, woebegone, bleak, down in the mouth, cast down, ashamed, homesick, brokenhearted, afraid, cowed, intimidated, despondent, doleful, bullied, wretched, gloomy, guilty, disgraced.

Usage examples: