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Definition of happen:

  1. To come by chance; to come without previous expectation; to fall out.
  2. To take place; to occur.


get, reach, come on, bump into, egest, feel, play, pass, devolve, demote, come out, run a risk, communicate, recover, ascertain, pop off, hazard, betide, eliminate, extend, drop dead, take a chance, carry on, retrieve, take place, find, witness, tumble on, evanesce, gamble, go past, make pass, legislate, buy the farm, lead, excrete, pass on, encounter, overtake, hap, find out, meet up with, run, come, emit, go across, keep, overstep, cash in one's chips, materialise, issue, knock, go along, come up, dislodge, guide, take on, see, exit, occur, return, result, repeat, fleet, slip away, blow over, determine, go on, adventure, progress, discover, elapse, give, put across, come across, fall out, snuff it, lapse, pass off, come around, slide by, draw, chance, spend, run across, materialize, recur, turn out, bechance, top, relegate, sink, regain, kick the bucket, go, die, go through, breathe, hand, come off, spring, proceed, break, arrive, pass away, expire, kick downstairs, transcend, observe, run into, clear, travel by, make it, receive, choke, continue, go by, exceed, croak, turn over, pass along, take chances, surpass, slip by, bump, authorise, move on, decease, obtain, rule, authorize, meet, appear, overhaul, fade, supervene, incur, fall, glide by, come about, detect, risk, advance, perish, line up, turn up, give-up the ghost, march on, find oneself, notice, conk, pass by, get hold.

Usage examples:

  • You don't happen to know 'em?"

    - "The Chestermarke Instinct", J. S. Fletcher.
  • Why did it happen?

    - "King Arthur's Socks and Other Village Plays", Floyd Dell.
  • How d' you happen to be over there just at that time?

    - "Jane Cable", George Barr McCutcheon.