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Definition of happening:

  1. of Happen


pop, stirring, natural event, thriving, flourishing, spectacle, affair, misadventure, modish, busy, in, popularized, vogue, thing, novelty, calamity, voguish, fortuity, animated, command performance, hazard, crowd-pleasing, on, exclusive, faddy, act, advanced, vibrant, rousing, swish, draw, modernistic, sharp, lively, paradox, mishap, appearance, fashionable, occurrence, possibility, swell, aberration, faddish, casualty, red-hot, brisk, contingency, exception, futuristic, accident, up-to-the-minute, aboil, smart, disaster, bustling, display, curtain raiser, chic, stroke, cool, misfortune, ahead of your/its etc. time, chance, number, au courant, double feature, space-age, hip, humming, hot, kinetic, big, abubble, development, trendy, contemporary, adventure, curiosity, hopping, supercool, occurrent, fresh, astir, booking, happen, double bill, state-of-the-art, debut, abuzz, snappy, large, du jour, hap, favorite, modern, buzzing.

Usage examples: