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Definition of harbour:

  1. A place of rest, security, and retirement; a shelter; a port or haven for ships.
  2. To shelter; to secure; to secrete; to entertain.


give, view as, apply, check, hold, oasis, obtain, screen, prevail, bear, halt, moderate, take for, nurse, control, concord, lactate, have got, defy, withstand, hold up, make, reserve, flirt with, think about, think of, hold in, haven, take hold, go for, maintain, give suck, contain, bind, accommodate, shield, restrain, support, defend, agree, concur, keep back, admit, wet-nurse, confine, sustain, book, carry, guard, take, suck, deem, keep, retain, harbor, adjudge, oblige, seaport, throw, entertain, curb, obligate, hold back, have, declare, toy with, suckle, arrest, breastfeed.

Usage examples: