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Definition of hardened:

  1. Made hard, or compact; made unfeeling or callous; made obstinate or obdurate; confirmed in error or vice.
  2. of Harden


stubborn, ossified, perverse, untouched, pat, cruel, hard-nosed, dogged, depraved, placed, stonyhearted, pigheaded, neutral, self-willed, habitual, irreclaimable, pertinacious, irredeemable, pugnacious, determined, restrained, strong, located, hard-bitten, burnt, compassionless, unresponsive, unyielding, benumbed, sacrilegious, stout, set, uncompromising, reprobate, implacable, irreligious, undemonstrative, impious, adamant, burned, treated, tempered, shameless, intransigent, inveterate, cast-iron, attitude, situated, inexperienced, profane, inconvincible, stiff, impassive, annealed, resistant, trained, vigorous, mulish, controlled, rugged, immovable, enured, inured, headstrong, impenetrable, baked, laid, fixed, hard, insensible, indurate, sturdy, unrelenting, degenerate, irreverent, unbending, lost, cold, habituated, self-opinionated, obdurate, disdainful, inflexible, sunbaked, fit, hardheaded, willful, bad, rigid, incorrigible, bullheaded, accustomed, abandoned, toughened, opinionated, cold-hearted, inaccessible, stiff-necked, unaccustomed, blasphemous, hard-boiled, blank, uncaring, contemptuous, adamantine, tough, primed, case-hardened, dictated, firm, chronic.

Usage examples: