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Definition of hardly:

  1. Certainly; surely; indeed.
  2. Confidently; hardily.
  3. In a hard or difficult manner; with difficulty.
  4. Scarcely; barely; not guite; not wholly.
  5. Severely; harshly; roughly.
  6. Unwillingly; grudgingly.


resolutely, perceptibly, severely, unhappily, agonizingly, with much ado, only in spite of difficulties, detectably, roughly, infinitesimally, no more than, exactly, not a bit, industriously, simply, ill, regretfully, with little likelihood, harshly, marginally, scarce, sorrowfully, slightly, in time, sporadically, oppressively, near, by no means, with difficulty, ruefully, within two whoops and a holler, since, gradually, noticeably, amain, painfully, not likely, scantily, slavishly, plaintively, sedulously, intently, no way, uncommonly, of course not, barely, woefully, just now, no dice, in no manner, not markedly, comparatively, anything but, resentfully, by a narrow margin, determinedly, after, wretchedly, measurably, only, sternly, seldom, somewhat, precisely, almost, far from it, strenuously, lugubriously, subsequent, rarely, not notably, bitterly, infrequently, following, actually, nothing could be farther from the truth, in no/not in any way, shape, or form, well-nigh, rather, hard, just, dolefully, little, scarcely, in the course of time, not quite, no, not much, inconsolably, no such thing, here and there, ensuing, assiduously, sparsely, on no account/not on any account, all but, not think for a minute/moment (that), sadly, close, narrowly, none, succeeding, only just, not measurably, nearly, mournfully, wailfully, not really, almost not, beyond, mightily, almost inconceivably, intensively, moderately, sorely, not by a great deal, scantly, arduously, grievously, merely, laboriously, not often, doggedly, once in a blue moon, almost not at all, diligently, certainly not, but, practically, not, intensely, imperceptibly, just enough to swear by, miserably, subsequently, purposefully, faintly, not noticeably, dolorously, neither...nor (...nor), but just, stiffly, with trouble, brutally.

Usage examples: