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Definition of harsh:

  1. disagreeable to the ear.
  2. disagreeable to the taste.
  3. disagreeable to the touch.
  4. Having violent contrasts of color, or of light and shade; lacking in harmony.
  5. Rough; disagreeable; grating
  6. Unpleasant and repulsive to the sensibilities; austere; crabbed; morose; abusive; abusive; severe; rough.


painful, bitter, loud, acrid, distasteful, agonizing, clamorous, squawky, humid, uncut, pungent, polished, acidulated, jolty, permeable, heartrending, savage, tuneless, heavy-handed, murderous, rocky, earsplitting, definitely, flinty, brassy, bumpy, crude, vinegarish, scabrous, unappealing, attitude, true, raspy, inhuman, jolting, scratchy, hateful, sparkling, cracked, flat, realistic, monotonous, hardhanded, threatening, ramrod, cragged, rough, afflicting, glittery, heavy, comfortless, hard, solid, grievous, acidulous, wicked, irate, unwelcome, vulgar, tormenting, glaring, rigorous, tinny, noisy, uncongenial, hurtful, icky, inconsonant, acid, unsympathetic, unlovely, brittle, sour, inclement, awful, unpalatable, rusty, undeniable, unattractive, unsavory, definite, dazzling, sultry, easy, approximative, biting, taste, uncomforting, gravelly, objective, disagreeable, coarse, factual, acetous, unaesthetic, absorbent, nasty, incompatible, unsmooth, approximate, unpleasant, uneven, craggy, displeasing, rough-cut, stinging, grotesque, brilliant, harrowing, bad, authentic, galling, uncharitable, impervious, porous, evil, pugnacious, unseasonable, stiff, comfort, unmelodious, cruel, monstrous, brutal, shiny, photosensitive, objectionable, fierce, hot, excruciating, pitiless, disagreeing, jagged, boisterous, searing, disturbing, unyielding, discomforting, bright, unpleasing, jumpy, gleaming, rotten, ragged, acerb, impure, unmusical, common, certain, uncouth, torturous, yucky, impermeable, abrasive, smooth, ironbound, glittering, virulent, unkind, muggy.

Usage examples: