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Definition of hassle:

Synonyms for hassle:

hustle, annoyance, scuffle, harry, chevvy, flurry, blight, encrust, spat, dogfight, trial, raise, scrape, pain in the neck, stir, word, bustle, molest, elicit, ado, madden, combat, contretemps, baggage, battle royal, difficulty, kick up, botheration, chivvy, exasperation, inconvenience, infliction, polemic, trouble, pother, kickup, fuss, scramble, scrimmage, tizzy, provoke, cross fire, bother, evoke, rhubarb, call forth, fray, scrum, kindle, plague, frustration, tussle, skirmish, disturbance, beset, incrust, stimulate, donnybrook, bugbear, problem, contest, battle, enkindle, nuisance, dither, argy-bargy, argle-bargle, scrap, worry, pain, debate, ruffle, dustup, issue, rough-and-tumble, aggro, tangle, fight, burden, trials and tribulations, hardship, tiff, set upon, falling-out, frustrate, pettifoggery, argument, rub, headache, bickering, drive someone mad, pain in the ass, hair shirt, anger, fire, vexation, set-to, flap, pest, aggravation, run-in, ravage, fracas, harass, thorn, irritant, brush, controversy, chivy, misunderstanding, chevy, scuffle hoe.

Usage examples: