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Definition of have on:

Synonyms for have on:

hoodwink, string along, gaff, quip, wear, break, fag out, bluff, catch, organize, coax, cozen, eject, activate, beguile, engage, bear, fatigue, be alive to something, wear out, know full/perfectly well, don, hold out, gammon, know, crank, wear down, fall apart, hornswoggle, misinform, clothe, slip into, tire out, possess, try on, wear thin, endure, arrange, make fun of, bust, get into, recognize, dream up, trick, misguide, dress, wear off, wear upon, sucker, joke, wrap up, sense, delude, know of, fake out, take in, cover up, snooker, fix, control, draw up, realize, put on, pull on, think ahead, snow, spoof, be wearing, mislead, outwear, kid, plan, con, weary, flick, poke fun (at), have, juggle, dupe, get dressed, actuate, crack a joke, gull, tire, jade, suck in, fool, map out, bamboozle, pull someone's leg, jest, orchestrate, buffalo, assume, have heard of, humbug, burn, flash, tell, finalize, hoax, energize.