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Definition of haywire:

Synonyms for haywire:

moonstruck, kooky, certifiable, barmy, cuckoo, wild, cockamamie, non compos mentis, nutlike, soft, cracked, nutty, zestful, mad, crackers, mental, loony tunes, bats, insane, balmy, unhinged, daffy, zany, lunatic, goofy, out of order, silly, loony, sappy, maniacal, bedlam, dotty, demented, malfunctioning, loopy, bughouse, unbalanced, crackbrained, psycho, cranky, scatty, round the bend, bonkers, batty, crackpot, amiss, meshuga, gaga, screwy, daft, cockamamy, wrong, crazy, crazed, mild, unsound, alligatored, wacko, zesty, yeasty, kookie, chapped, the matter, roughened, brainsick, wud, fruity, buggy, whacky, loco, deranged, wacky, awry, nonfunctional, nuts, psychotic, around the bend.

Usage examples: