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Definition of heading:

  1. A gallery, drift, or adit in a mine; also, the end of a drift or gallery; the vein above a drift.
  2. Material for the heads of casks, barrels, etc.
  3. That end of a stone or brick which is presented outward.
  4. That which stands at the head; title; as, the heading of a paper.
  5. The act or state of one who, or that which, heads; formation of a head.
  6. The extension of a line ruffling above the line of stitch.


nous, impetus, frontispiece, specification, imprint, preamble, subject, approach, carriage, label, capitulum, head teacher, docket, verandah, heraldic bearing, headspring, caput, topic, purport, cope, object, oral sex, mind, headway, psyche, head, headline, design, ticket, title, inscription, gallery, picture gallery, point, head word, top dog, drumhead, bearing, question, promontory, charge, superscription, words, preface, posture, forefront, intent, foreland, title page, indication of contents, headline, capital, objective, headnote, subtitle, display line, headland, fountainhead, aim, lintel, address, legend, designation, armorial bearing, target, pass, straits, principal, header, movement, drift, caption, prologue, school principal, section head, art gallery, veranda, mien, read/write head, purpose, coping, overline, intention, impulsion, comportment, chief, brain, presence.

Usage examples: