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Definition of heady:

  1. Apt to affect the head; intoxicating; strong.
  2. Violent; impetuous.
  3. Willful; rash; precipitate; hurried on by will or passion; ungovernable.


intoxicant, strong, foolhardy, pertinacious, fresh, resolved, obdurate, opinionated, smart, overbold, exciting, headstrong, saucy, intoxicating, powerful, impertinent, wise, dogged, sassy, determined, intractable, judicious, wise to, unflinching, refractory, mulish, persistent, rash, reckless, fixed, contumacious, unconquerable, immovable, knowing, heedless, decided, resolute, impudent, stubborn, unyielding, indomitable, obstinate, inflexible, firm.

Usage examples: