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Definition of healthful:

  1. Full of health; free from illness or disease; well; whole; sound; healthy; as, a healthful body or mind; a healthful plant.
  2. Indicating, characterized by, or resulting from, health or soundness; as, a healthful condition.
  3. Serving to promote health of body or mind; wholesome; salubrious; salutary; as, a healthful air, diet.
  4. Well- disposed; favorable.


parasiticidal, restorative, hale, antimicrobic, alterative, antimicrobial, pure, beneficial, well, uninjurious, medicinal, good for one, wholesome, hygienic, sound, salutary, strong, sanitary, invigorating, energy-giving, bracing, sustaining, helminthic, prophylactic, digestible, carminative, innocuous, harmless, healthsome, anthelminthic, stimulating, sanatory, whole, sustentative, nutritive, favorable, healing, unadulterated, drugless, fresh, advantageous, untainted, nourishing, right, body-building, anthelmintic, substantial, preventive, salubrious, health-giving, remedial, recuperative, therapeutic, hygienical, aseptic, preventative, clean, sedative, sanative, health, healthy, psychotherapeutic, curative, regenerative, unpolluted, corrective, fit, desirable, conducive to health, hearty, innoxious, restoring, good, promoting health, medicative, cathartic, tonic, disease-free, compensatory, flatus-relieving, benign, vigorous.

Usage examples: