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Definition of heavenly:

  1. Appropriate to heaven in character or happiness; perfect; pure; supremely blessed; as, a heavenly race; the heavenly, throng.
  2. By the influence or agency of heaven.
  3. In a manner resembling that of heaven.
  4. Pertaining to, resembling, or inhabiting heaven; celestial; not earthly; as, heavenly regions; heavenly music.


supernal, deific, godly, delectable, paradisaic, like, excellent, sweet, ingestion, charming, empyreal, paradisaical, appetizing, place, religion, paradisiacal, toothsome, divine, luscious, celestial, translunar, translunary, yummy, tasteful, good, enjoyable, darling, delicious, enchanting, godlike, ambrosial, scrumptious, paradisiac, holy, paradisal, ambrosian, happy, providential, savory, tasty, superlunar, pleasant, superlunary, ethereal.

Usage examples: