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Definition of hector:

  1. A bully; a blustering, turbulent, insolent, fellow; one who vexes or provokes.
  2. To play the bully; to bluster; to be turbulent or insolent.
  3. To treat with insolence; to threaten; to bully; hence, to torment by words; to tease; to taunt; to worry or irritate by bullying.


push around, bother, nag, swagger, study at bait, cow, bully, bait, browbeat, bullyrag, badger, bludgeon, over, intimidate, heckle, ballyrag, bulldozer, threaten, browbeater, hound, bulldoze, brave, menace, taunt, boss around, ride, strong-arm, bait, intimidator, needle.

Usage examples: