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Definition of herald:

  1. A forerunner; a a precursor; a harbinger.
  2. A proclaimer; one who, or that which, publishes or announces; as, the herald of another's fame.
  3. An officer whose business was to denounce or proclaim war, to challenge to battle, to proclaim peace, and to bear messages from the commander of an army. He was invested with a sacred and inviolable character.
  4. Any messenger.
  5. In the Middle Ages, the officer charged with the above duties, and also with the care of genealogies, of the rights and privileges of noble families, and especially of armorial bearings. In modern times, some vestiges of this office remain, especially in England. See Heralds' College ( below), and King- at- Arms.
  6. To introduce, or give tidings of, as by a herald; to proclaim; to announce; to foretell; to usher in.


propound, foreshadow, shield, signify, prefigure, applaud, circulate, pay someone a compliment, escutcheon, proclaim, eulogize, presager, bearer, denote, forerunner, come, tip-off, harbinger, augur, adviser, cornetist, predict, declare, sing someone's/something's praises, czar, litmus test, tell, pat someone on the back, make known, foreshadower, betoken, announce, enunciate, state, symbolize, trumpeter swan, antecedent, bode, represent, congratulate, betray, forecast, prophet, preview, Canute, mean, praise, coat of arms, tsarina, identify, indicate, auspicate, portend, reveal, extol, annunciate, communicate, runner, foresight, foretell, give notice, hail, tsar, anticipate, reporter, compliment, notify, flatter, precursor, advertise, predecessor, publish, heraldry, acclaim, crest, clap, signal, czarina, spat, show, stand for, say, emperor, give out, spread abroad, forebode, promise, prognosticate, Elizabethan, thane, favorite, promulgate, call, trumpeter.

Usage examples: