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Definition of herculean:

  1. Having extraordinary strength or size; as, limbs.
  2. Requiring the strength of Hercules; hence, very great, difficult, or dangerous; as, an task.


superhuman, muscular, gargantuan, monster, complicated, compact, behemoth, massy, mammoth, beefy, mountainous, tremendous, prodigious, hard, knock-down, sinewy, big, gigantesque, demanding, taxing, huge, be an effort, barrel-chested, tough, pythonic, Brobdingnagian, enormous, Bunyanesque, large, massive, full, potent, walloping, heroic, mastodonic, Cyclopean, punishing, elephantine, heavy, monstrous, strenuous, jumbo, burly, powerful, coltish, titanic, brawny, giant, challenging, stupendous, bullnecked, vast, built, difficult, gigantic, whopping, colossal, monumental, arduous, mighty, hefty, immense.

Usage examples: