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Definition of hereditary:

  1. Descended, or capable of descending, from an ancestor to an heir at law; received or passing by inheritance, or that must pass by inheritance; as, an hereditary estate or crown.
  2. Transmitted, or capable of being transmitted, as a constitutional quality or condition from a parent to a child; as, hereditary pride, bravery, disease.


transmitted, native, transmittable, come into, ancestral, chromosome, bequeath, birthright, cross, claimant, congenital, familial, cloning, inborn, innate, inheritable, precede, contractable, clone, contagious, innate, study at innate, be, deoxyribonucleic acid, carrier, beneficiary, come down to, come to, cut off, genic, catching, cross-fertilize, heritable, be descended from, genetic, communicable, carry, inherited, cross-fertilization, kin, patrimonial, bequest, transmissible, genetical.

Usage examples: