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Definition of heroic:

  1. Larger than life size, but smaller than colossal; - said of the representation of a human figure.
  2. Of or pertaining to, or like, a hero; of the nature of heroes; distinguished by the existence of heroes; as, the heroic age; an heroic people; heroic valor.
  3. Worthy of a hero; bold; daring; brave; illustrious; as, heroic action; heroic enterprises.


sumptuous, game, dire, vast, doughty, behemoth, sublime, Herculean, impressive, rarefied, howling, giant, stout, huge, gigantic, massive, walloping, big, opulent, mettlesome, tremendous, larger-than-life, idealistic, gargantuan, elevated, immense, Cyclopean, Bunyanesque, massy, marvellous, noble-minded, desperate, gutsy, mountainous, lofty, rattling, gilded, fearless, epic, venturesome, fear, luxurious, wondrous, heroic verse, epical, do-or-die, daring, mastodonic, jumbo, exalted, fantastic, rarified, terrific, elephantine, bold, stupendous, fortitudinous, pythonic, gigantesque, enormous, talkative, heroical, marvelous, mammoth, large, titanic, whopping, monstrous, brave, expansive, Brobdingnagian, high-flown, heroic meter, monumental, adventurous, deluxe, courageous, gutty, mighty, undismayed, wonderful, grand, colossal, despairing, monster, chivalric, prodigious.

Usage examples: