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Definition of hidden:

  1. from Hide. Concealed; put out of view; secret; not known; mysterious.
  2. of Hide


impenetrable, subterranean, shadowy, hugger-mugger, strange, flag, cloistered, cabalistic, surreptitious, mystical, invisible, accessible, dim, unavowed, confidential, unfathomable, symbolical, privy, puzzling, placement, undercover, recondite, cryptic, secluded, arcane, clouded, undetected, trace, illegible, inward, withdrawn, inert, hole-and-corner, unseen, inexplicable, withheld, out of sight, apart, blind, secret, isolated, give up, obscure, personal, open, unsuspected, unnoticeable, underhand, occult, incomprehensible, inscrutable, uncertain, concealed, orphic, buried, quarry, unseeable, unintelligible, unfathomed, cloak-and-dagger, private, mysterious, show, vague, sealed, unsung, ulterior, transcendental, signpost, magic, underground, mystic, hermetic, deep, unknown, abstruse, obvious, among, enigmatical, location, opaque.

Usage examples: