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Definition of hightail it:

Synonyms for hightail it:

extend, fly the coop, scarper, run, tend, lead, come off, head for the hills, break out, hunt, be given, move, course, feed, break off, work, run for, campaign, bunk, melt down, turn tail, unravel, miss, prevail, take to the woods, get off, consort, race, pass, flail, get by, hunt down, incline, thrash, go, run away, operate, get away, secede, black market, persist, function, ply, chip off, splinter, escape, bleed, elude, endure, guide, break, lam, break away, ladder, beat, scat, lean, play, die hard, break loose, flow, execute, carry, draw, range, melt, thresh, track down, chip, get out.