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Definition of hike:

  1. The act of hiking; a tramp; a march.
  2. To hike one's self; specif., to go with exertion or effort; to tramp; to march laboriously.
  3. To move with a swing, toss, throw, jerk, or the like.


hobo, backpack, climb, upgrade, emanation, rise, rising slope, swinger, wage hike, tramp steamer, jack, encourage, tramp, jump, up, heave, traipse, ascension, salary increase, ascending, lift, procession, increase, move, hike up, rising, tramper, boost, cost increase, bum, acclivity, backpack, further, promote, encouragement, advance, raise, hiker, wage increase, peregrinate, hiking, supercharge, hitch up, ascent.

Usage examples: