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Definition of hindrance:

  1. That which hinders; an impediment.
  2. The act of hindering, or the state of being hindered.


deterrent, curb, barricade, intervention, prohibition, assay, hobble, tick, balk, preventive, birth control device, contraceptive device, tab, hamper, problem, disturbance, inconvenience, impediment, onus, hitch, encumbrance, bank check, bulwark, bar, noise, term of enlistment, predicament, interference, load, cheque, obstructer, check mark, contraceptive, baulk, rub, impairment, chip, incumbrance, tour of duty, disability, hinderance, parapet, substantiation, check-out procedure, open, handicap, hang-up, traverse, embarrassment, breastwork, halt, tour, confirmation, enlistment, obstructor, preventative, rampart, duty tour, verification, checkout, arrest, prophylactic, limp, wall, study at impediment, help, check, impedimenta, disablement, prophylactic device, chit, rafter.

Usage examples: