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Definition of hoax:

  1. A deception for mockery or mischief; a deceptive trick or story; a practical joke.
  2. To deceive by a story or a trick, for sport or mischief; to impose upon sportively.


pasquinade, play a joke on, caper, pull a fast one on, sendup, pull someone's leg, faker, pretender, string along, lie, mockery, fabrication, impostor, fake, fox, trick, snake oil, cheat, drool, travesty, play a trick on, parody, ploy, dupe, shammer, duplicity, flim-flam, fob, tommyrot, imposter, entrap, pseud, deceit, boloney, dirty tricks, bosh, baloney, spoof, fraudulence, burlesque, dupery, tosh, put on, pseudo, ruse, prank, sham, bilgewater, rip off, taradiddle, fraud, twaddle, tarradiddle, lampoon, charade, dodge, antic, double-cross, bilk, humbug, scheme, takeoff, joke, role player, deceive, play tricks.

Usage examples: