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Definition of hold back:

Synonyms for hold back:

gibe, cease, await, forgo, tick, discontinue, confine, block, discipline, end, chequer, bound, apply, immobilize, abstain, think better of something, nurse, delay, retrovert, concur, interfere with, mark, avoid, catch, run off, determine, conceal, circumscribe, revert, inhibit, have, sustain, terminate, expect, keep down, invert, intimidate, set aside, pick up, make, master, finish, pin down, lay off, learn, adjudge, condition, have got, prevent, drive off, pin, hide, correspond, break, drive away, carry, constrain, shut off, barricade, look into, obtain, give up, block up, burden, tally, restrict, arrest, view as, kill, entertain, incorporate, oblige, keep, see to it, nail, cumber, throttle, mark off, guard, halt, defy, restrain, keep in, drive out, kill off, save, hold open, return, celebrate, moderate, check out, disadvantage, bring up against, keep open, limit, encumber, cut into, harbour, prevail, maintain, stop over, deal with, pull back, go for, cry off, suss out, jibe, dispel, forget, find out, declare, agree, stop, refrain, intercept, ascertain, continue, take, withstand, comprise, support, bottle up, curb, collar, go on, hold off, admit, stay fresh, go over, book, hold on, contain, squeeze out, checker, deem, reserve, back down, repress, hold, harbor, trammel, apprehend, check up on, cop, collect, obstruct, desist, block off, concord, check over, tick off, count against, abridge, manage, take hold, keep under, get, chase away, obligate, observe, knock something on the head, throw, plague, forbear, hold up, fit, defend, stockpile, back out, reverse, suppress, bridle, regress, go along, hoard, retard, check, call off, bind, see, check off, insure, withhold, double back, keep on, ensure, check into, proceed, crack, preserve, store up, look, blockade, nab, train, embarrass, hinder, control, take for, assure, let down, hesitate, backtrack, accommodate, give, bar, break off, waitress, quit, turn back, retain, bear, watch, kibosh, wait, enclose, trap, stamp out, hold in, keep back, match.