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Definition of hold on:

Synonyms for hold on:

finish, hang in, stop, go on, press ahead, apprehend, die hard, follow through, clutch, persevere, hold the line, just/wait a moment, halt, grok, tack, fight, battle, all right, discontinue, look, temporize, keep hold of something, preserve, keep back, bar, contend, hold off, stop over, run, hang on/hold on a minute, turn back, hang on, hello, jostle, combat, lay off, continue, let me see/think, put off, tack on, savvy, hold back, just wait until/till, vie, persist, prevail, just a minute/moment/second, grip, take on, tag on, remain, stay fresh, hold, get on, comprehend, hold open, break, procrastinate, sustain, keep, block off, stay, grab, okay then, break off, cradle, not so fast, compass, terminate, kibosh, listen up, end, stay the course, yo, append, check, challenge, cease, block, save, celebrate, seizeseize, go along, all in good time, compete, get the picture, carry on, right, keep on, hesitate, wait, hold tight, see, restrain, wait around, blockade, proceed, keep open, attach oneself to, maintain, prevent, hey, carry, endure, grasp, quit, arrest, give up, observe, barricade, play for time, retain, cling to, block up, contain, intercept, delay, dig, bear with me/us, sit on.