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Definition of holiday:

  1. A consecrated day; religious anniversary; a day set apart in honor of some person, or in commemoration of some event. See Holyday.
  2. A day fixed by law for suspension of business; a legal holiday.
  3. A day of exemption from labor; a day of amusement and gayety; a festival day.
  4. Occurring rarely; adapted for a special occasion.
  5. Of or pertaining to a festival; cheerful; joyous; gay.


excursion, recess, activity holiday, break, activity vacation, getaway, carnival, Canada Day, camp, escape, bank holiday, fete, Arbor Day, honeymoon, Columbus Day, adventure travel, go away, Australia Day, get off, Independence Day, fiesta, get away, ANZAC Day, weekend, anniversary, the Fourth of July, festival, hols, work, leave.

Usage examples: