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Definition of hollo:

  1. Ho there; stop; attend; hence, a loud cry or a call to attract attention; a halloo.
  2. To call out or exclaim; to halloo. This form is now mostly replaced by hello.


foretell, call in, bellowing, boom, bellow, holla, call off, grouse, cry out, shout, promise, roar, hollow, outcry, shout out, holler, telephone, weep, holler out, bid, call, wawl, anticipate, exclaim, crab, visit, ring, blackguard, cry, blazon out, waul, hollering, abuse, vociferate, scream, send for, name, roaring, phone, yowl, predict, prognosticate, thunder, address, forebode, call up, call out, squall, clapperclaw, yell, bitch, bellyache, gripe, holloa, beef, squawk.

Usage examples: