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Definition of honesty:

  1. Chastity; modesty.
  2. Honor; honorableness; dignity; propriety; suitableness; decency.
  3. Satin flower; the name of two cruciferous herbs having large flat pods, the round shining partitions of which are more beautiful than the blossom; - called also lunary and moonwort. Lunaria biennis is common honesty; L. rediva is perennial honesty.
  4. The quality or state of being honest; probity; fairness and straightforwardness of conduct, speech, etc.; integrity; sincerity; truthfulness; freedom from fraud or guile.


constancy, Lunaria annua, justice, veraciousness, reliability, silver dollar, principle, faith, honestness, cartwheel, ingenuousness, incorruptibility, faithfulness, scrupulousness, deception, conscience, fidelity, honorableness, fiber, truthfulness, satinpod, loyalty, trustworthiness, right, character, honorableness, honest, dishonesty, integrity, virtue, strong, conscientiousness, principle, veridicality, confidence, responsibility, character, money plant, rectitude, self-respect, rectitude, incorruptibility, reality, soundness, justice, courage, worth, satin flower, uprightness.

Usage examples: