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Definition of honeyed:

  1. Covered with honey.
  2. of Honey
  3. Sweet, as, honeyed words.


treacly, chocolatey, musical, fruity, melodic, fresh, sweet-smelling, mellifluous, seraphic, flowery, buttery, gratifying, saccharine, scented, fishy, adenoidal, croaky, sugared, honied, mellisonant, sugary, candied, perfumed, brittle, dead, unfermented, chocolate, flat, cheesy, sweet-scented, angelic, odoriferous, grating, syrupy, floury, disembodied, chalky, dulcet, gamey, sweet-flavored, odorous, cherubic, viscous, melodious, sweet, breathy, appealing, persuasive, cloying, sweetened, enticing, angelical.

Usage examples: