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Definition of hoot:

  1. A derisive cry or shout.
  2. The cry of an owl.
  3. To assail with contemptuous cries or shouts; to follow with derisive shouts.
  4. To cry out or shout in contempt.
  5. To make the peculiar cry of an owl.


hushing, bullshit, snigger, laughter, scream, chick, bastard, doll, son of a bitch, big, diddly, iota, asshole, skirt, darn, gas, dame, dump, snicker, shit, snort, tinker's dam, whit, raspberry bush, shuttlecock, bull, boo, jot, Bronx cheer, squat, sibilation, riot, joke, diddly-shit, hiss, razz, dickhead, dogshit, damn, razzing, absurdity, catcall, cocksucker, prick, diddley, tinker's damn, crap, shred, dirt, whoreson, wench, jack, shite, bird, whoo, panic, shuttle, diddly-squat, laugh, shucks, diddlysquat, turd, rap, diddlyshit, horseshit, mend, red cent, birdie, poop, raspberry, ounce, fizzle, patch, doodly-squat, hissing, fowl.

Usage examples: