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Definition of hopeful:

  1. Full of hope, or agreeable expectation; inclined to hope; expectant.
  2. Having qualities which excite hope; affording promise of good or of success; as, a hopeful youth; a hopeful prospect.


proper, flattering, discouraging, refreshing, cheering, beneficial, trustful, reasonable, expecting, cheerful, fair, fit, expeditious, convenient, well-timed, fortunate, aspiring, burnished, smart, heartening, propitious, brilliant, anticipative, shiny, unfortunate, enthusiastic, aspirant, inspiring, conducive, comforting, serene, undimmed, lighthearted, confident, anticipant, timely, probable, pleasant, happy, cheering, exciting, fine, sanguine, satisfactory, wishful, wannabee, rosy, aspirer, helpful, help, lucky, assured, blithe, comfortable, opportune, expectant, attractive, cheerful, lustrous, stirring, calm, vivid, enlivening, heartening, animating, seek, anticipatory, gracious, would-be, providential, shining, rousing, trusting, likely, good, buoyant, elated, suitable, wannabe, bright, unfavorable, pleasing, advantageous, auspicious.

Usage examples: