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Definition of Hopping:

  1. A gathering of hops.
  2. of Hop
  3. The act of one who, or that which, hops; a jumping, frisking, or dancing.


furious, vibrant, angered, bustling, knee-deep, livid, outraged, roiled, rabid, apoplectic, humming, lively, steaming, load down, diligent, busy, ireful, indignant, foaming, wrathful, infuriate, laborious, rankled, fuming, teed off, thriving, inflamed, immersed in something, stirring, horn-mad, kinetic, happening, choleric, assiduous, aboil, rushed/run off your feet, riled, shirty, flourishing, active, buzzing, irate, abuzz, working, cheesed off, sore, astir, brisk, hot, steamed up, rousing, enraged, infuriated, riley, hard at it, abubble, occupied, rushed, ticked, wroth, employed, mad, industrious, incensed, engaged, tied-up, sedulous, animated, ballistic.

Usage examples: