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Definition of horrible:

  1. Exciting, or tending to excite, horror or fear; dreadful; terrible; shocking; hideous; as, a horrible sight; a horrible story; a horrible murder.


flagitious, uncharitable, inhuman, despicable, fear, alarming, worthless, dismal, noxious, frightful, grisly, atrocious, majestic, nauseous, fearful, rotten, unspeakable, nasty, tremendous, redoubtable, abhorrent, terrifying, lousy, odious, painful, forbidding, detestable, obnoxious, dread, pitiless, good, repellent, slimy, frightening, stately, foul, scary, macabre, surly, imposing, lurid, direful, portentous, noble, nauseating, shameful, wretched, revolting, gruesome, evil, repugnant, sucky, noisome, unworthy, scandalous, abominable, formidable, hair-raising, horrifying, intimidating, ugly, grand, execrable, august, horrendous, horrific, shocking, obscene, fulsome, terrific, fearsome, nightmare, hateful, punk, loathsome, sickening, hard, solemn, grievous, grim, nightmarish, vile, gross, bloodcurdling, cruel, monstrous, rancid, unkind, beautiful, spine-chilling, distasteful.

Usage examples: