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Definition of horrifying:

  1. of Horrify


horrendous, flagitious, wretched, fearsome, worthless, frightful, forbidding, horrific, gruesome, disgusting, scary, repulsive, macabre, nightmare, indecent, horrible, surly, vile, lurid, direful, alarming, unworthy, awful, hair-raising, grisly, terrific, shocking, dreadful, atrocious, fearful, unspeakable, ugly, abominable, tremendous, sickening, slimy, monstrous, revolting, nightmarish, taboo, painful, redoubtable, terrible, appalling, hideous, ghastly, formidable, outrageous, grievous, scandalous, dread, dire, horrid, detestable, despicable, spine-chilling.

Usage examples: