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Definition of hot:

  1. Acrid; biting; pungent; as, hot as mustard.
  2. Characterized by heat, ardor, or animation; easily excited; firely; vehement; passionate; violent; eager.
  3. Having much sensible heat; exciting the feeling of warmth in a great degree; very warm; - opposed to cold, and exceeding warm in degree; as, a hot stove; hot water or air.
  4. imp. & p. p. of Hote.
  5. Lustful; lewd; lecherous.
  6. of Hight


piping hot, good, first-string, insistent, enthusiastic, bang, on the pull, goatish, intense, awesome, brave, racy, pumped, breathless, sensual, transliterate, paroxysmal, convulsive, foaming, incandescent, A1, dedicated, emotional, infuriate, molten, slick, fervid, crazy, beautiful, unauthorized, high-class, flaming, acerb, parching, charged, lovely, concupiscent, out-of-sight, randy, peachy keen, radical, cooking, dishy, steamed up, athirst, avid, boiling, animated, rapid, brag, calefacient, libidinous, supernal, blazing, hammer-and-tongs, up-to-date, solicitous, roiled, infuriated, juicy, blistering, top, sexual, peachy, distracted, hottish, stoked, fast, devastating, scorching, fortune, crackerjack, bonny, ballistic, wanted, breaded, tumultuous, fervent, bow-wow, vulgar, nippy, savoury, thirsty, number one, four-star, fabulous, sore, violent, het up, swift, ardent, hopped-up, zesty, histrionic, calorifacient, caustic, naughty, charmed, immense, great, explosive, large, dramatic, state-of-the-art, romantic, expert, cold, deviled, bittersweet, frisky, much loved/respected/admired/criticized etc., gamy, vogue, superlative, contemporary, alive, mild, nifty, hungry, astringent, unconstitutional, antsy, incensed, swell, splitting, wrongful, rabid, new-fashioned, hotly, longing, virulent, cheesed off, fashionable, oversexed, blistery, rave, voguish, lucky, calefactive, het, convincing, vitriolic, lecherous, acrid, hunky, heated, raring, battered, riled, fab, primo, salacious, fantastical, space-age, disastrous, exotic, mean, satyric, angered, gingery, febrific, passionate, superheated, ticked, burning, blue-chip, bully, turbulent, intimate, cushdy, baking, agog, designer, neat, top-rated, dreamy, apoplectic, cool, viral, select, first-class, faddish, pop, prime, heatable, quick, in, desirous, hardball, impassioned, ultrahot, terrific, A-OK, pyretic, current, itchy, cracking, bumper, bodacious, popularized, indignant, du jour, irate, topping, handsome, faddy, noble, thrilling, hopping, stifling, mod, acid, warming, ace, stormy, purposeful, juiced, wizard, fleet-footed, wrathful, simmering, radioactive, cross, live, white, close, fleet, torrid, wroth, plum, injurious, active, acidic, vehement, smoky, hasty, competitive, bunny, chocolatey, sulfurous, superior, brackish, springy, hazardous, resilient, heavenly, up-to-the-minute, enthused, brisk, risky, ripping, choo-choo, savory, riley, heating, gangbusters, calefactory, motivated, bang-bang, gone, horny, bouncy, tropic, scalding, flavored, chocolate, tremendous, rankled, compelling, big, ireful, gilt-edged, enthralling, acclaimed, top-shelf, skillful, keen, righteous, banner, shirty, anxious, flying, licentious, par excellence, shady, dandy, obscene, acerbic, new age, knock-down, unlawful, boffo, whirlwind, popular, piquant, perilous, igneous, sultry, wild, sedulous, impetuous, fresh, near, cooked, indecent, frigid, breakneck, rapid-fire, grand, voracious, lewd, greedy, sexy, drag-out, birdie, zippy, unpleasant, skilled, blue, determined, famous, boo-boo, thermal, blood-and-guts, eventful, enraged, furious, illicit, fine, bitter, bang-up, sweltry, geeked, unsafe, arouse, sterling, new, impatient, fantastic, lascivious, driven, favorite, fuming, divine, amorous, burn with fervor, dynamite, first-rate, top-flight, smoking, down, fraudulent, baking hot, dope, galloping, ferocious, prizewinning, calorific, fantabulous, inflamed, voluptuous, febrile, exciting, boss, fortunately, phat, tempestuous, experienced, overheated, singular, excite, burn with anger, comfortable, gung ho, stellar, white-hot, fortuitous, toothsome, attractive, luck, present-day, rattling, slinky, fortunate, want, balmy, soulful, capital, red, carnal, crowd-pleasing, desire, dizzy, suggestive, decisive, rage, excited, exhilarating, speedy, damaging, fierce, earnest, calefactory, ultramodern, cyclonic, deep-fried, hysterical, wanton, frontline, hectic, curried, sweltering, eager, top-of-the-line, clandestine, gamey, wonderful, lively, hype, five-star, yearning, sensational, snappy, intent, beginner's luck, fiery, animal, modish, steaming, sulphurous, peppery, newfangled, happening, corking, horn-mad, sizzling, jim-dandy, choleric, warm, improper, hypersexual, lubricious, friendly, dumb luck, desirable, zealous, super, importunate, nuts, superb, harmful, risque, groovy, accomplished, able, pungent, numero uno, teed off, glorious, unrecorded, persistent, luscious, seductive, gifted, red hot, mad, marvelous, outraged, modernistic, tropical, lottery, heated up, volcanic, al dente, spicy, ruinous, illegal, au naturel, prize, splendid, angry, capable, lightning, top-notch, quality, ill-tempered, tip-top, dangerous, livid, classic, raging, hepped up, rough, choice, ambitious, well-received, unsurpassed, blue-ribbon.

Usage examples: