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Definition of hot stuff:

Synonyms for hot stuff:

pippin, talent, corker, dream, the best, prodigy, adult, pole-dancing, dildo, curvaceousness, snorter, past master, dish, the gold standard, lollapalooza, honey, maestro, standout, peach, ideal, artist, old hand, erotica, pip, sex object, sex symbol, voluptuousness, perfection, eye candy, ripsnorter, master, ripper, knockout, daisy, beaut, the Top Ten, girlie, pornographer, nifty, cat's meow, humdinger, exponent, bee's knees, flagship, hummer, babe, dandy, doozy, shapeliness, cutie, porn, luxuriance, best, girly, optimum, beauty, superman, the last word, smasher, king, lulu, queen, sweetheart, sockdolager, lushness, stunner, porno, crackerjack, dilly.